Is Hotel Management & Catering Technology, a good career option?
Food & Shelter are two of the three basic human needs. As long as people need food to eat and a place to stay, the Hospitality Industry will thrive. Catering & Hospitality Industry offers lucrative careers and plentiful growth opportunities.
With the Covid problem, I don't see any Hotels or Restaurants open. How then will this Industry provide job opportunities?
This pandemic is only temporary in nature and the impact will be for a maximum of six months. After that there will be a huge demand for qualified Hotel professionals. Paradoxically this Covid pandemic has also thrown open huge opportunities for India with more than One Thousand manufacturing companies willing to shift their manufacturing units from China to India. This will have a ripple effect and create job demands in the Hotel Industry, more than ever before.
What are the career options available in this course?
Hotel & Catering Industry offers a huge variety of career options; the four major departments are Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office Operations and Accommodations Operations. You could be a Chef, or a Manager in the Food & Beverage Service department, a Front Office Executive or a Team Leader in the Accommodations department depending on your deportment.
What are the chances to travel abroad?
Many of are our students are placed in different countries across the world. In fact there are more of our students working abroad than in India. There is a huge demand for skilled and qualified Hotel Professionals in all the developed nations and in Gulf. We are also in the process of offering students the opportunity, to undergo "Industrial Exposure Training" while studying in Singapore and Malaysia.
What is the starting salary one can expect after completion of this course?
This will vary from student to student depending upon their performance in the "Campus Interviews" that will be conducted by various Hotels and Hospitality organizations. The starting range will be Rupees Thirteen Thousand (Rs 13,000/-) at the lower end and Rupees Twenty Five Thousand (Rs 25,000/-) at the upper end to start with
Is it hard work to become a Hotel Professional?
This Industry is like any other Industry when it comes to work. The better one works the more opportunities for growth there are. Statistics prove that Hospitality Industry professionals are the second happiest people, work wise after Academicians, worldwide.
Is it possible to work and study at the same time?
Part time work options are available for interested candidates. WE encourage students to work part-time for them to get a feel of the Industry and learn quicker and make money in the process.
With so many Hotel Management Institutions in the country, why should I choose MGR IHMCT?
The merit and quality of an Institution is judged by its past performance & placement track record. MGR IHMCT is one of the earliest Hotel Management & Catering Institutions in the country and has provided 100% placement to all the students. It is a matter of pride for us that many of our students are placed in top leadership positions in the Industry in India and abroad. Please see the student testimonials page to check our past performance. MGR IHMCT is the only Hotel Management Institute in Chennai to be recognized by the "All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.
If I study this course am I stuck with only the Hotel Industry as a career option?
No. Hotel Management professionals are sought after in the Airline Industry, the Retail Industry and the Travel Industry to name a few. Being Service oriented in nature our students have made successful careers in a wide variety of sectors apart from the Hotel Industry.
What are the advantages of working in this Industry?
How will I know if I am fit for this Industry?
This is the only Industry that provides people high paid jobs, the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people including famous personalities and the possibility for foreign travel and work, all put together. Our Admissions Counselor will help you determine the right course for you. Generally speaking of, if you have the aptitude for fun at work and travel when opportunity provides itself, you will suit the Hotel & Catering Industry.