Why Choose MGR IHMCT

M.G.R. IHMCT is one of the top ranking Hospitality Institutions in Tamil Nadu.

The Institution provides dedicated Hospitality infrastructure and State-of-the-Art laboratories. Students receive thorough training in the four major operational departments of the Industry, i.e.; Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office and Accommodations Operations. With majority of the college hours dedicated to practical sessions, students receive in-detail, thorough practical training in all the departments.

  • The Institute has three full-fledged Kitchens and a Bakery & Confectionary Department for Food Production Training.

  • Two Training Restaurants with a Bar for Food & Beverage Service Training.

  • A Hotel Suite to learn Accommodations Operations & Management.

  • Students learn the Art of Food Production, from basics to advanced levels where they can design attractive menus and prepare & serve food like any commercial Hotel or Restaurant.

  • The Patisserie (Bakery) lab enables students produce all types of Bakery & Confectionery products from cakes & cookies to rolls & muffins.

  • Software based learning (Hotel Management System) enables students gain expertise in Front Office Operations.

  • The need for cleanliness and the importance of Artistry is learnt by students in the Accommodations department.

With dedicated and cutting-edge Hospitality Infrastructure, M.G.R. IHMCT has been amongst the leading Colleges of Hotel Management & Catering Technology in South India for close to three decades.